Sophia Town, Ph.D.

About Me

I am a researcher and incoming assistant professor of organizational behavior at the Gabelli School of Business at Fordham University in NYC.

My research focuses on leadership, mindfulness, and workplace complexity. My current projects explore the ways people can navigate the increasing complexities of work through mindfulness, self-awareness, and human connection.

“How can we create and sustain human flourishing in our organizations?”

About My Work

My work centers around mindful leadership and humanistic management. I explore the ways that leaders can make mindful decisions and take wise action in the face of increasingly complex problems. This research is energized by practical insights and guided by this one question

Let's Collaborate

Innovative research requires a critical problem, unique data, expert analysis, and—more often than not—collaborative synergy. To that end, I am always on the lookout for aligned research partners.

Reach Out

Methodologically, I am a qualitative researcher with an interpretivist lens. My work highlights the local, socially-constructed, emergent nature of data and theory, and considers knowledge to be produced and reproduced through human interaction, discourse, and praxis.

This research reflects an interdisciplinary spirit that ultimately seeks to explore new territory. I approach my research as a bricoleur, drawing from multiple representations across relevant fields and disciplines to make sense of complex phenomena. As such, I value collaboration with scholars and practitioners who bring topical, methodological, and contextual diversity to important leadership and management problems.